Time for Something New

2020 was quite a year! The best way I’ve heard it be described is by Dave Ramsey as a ‘dumpster fire’ of a year. If you are like me, you may have spent part or most of 2020 wollering in self-pity. I just knew I couldn’t begin improving myself because it was still 2020 and something else was definitely coming down the pike. Well WELCOME 2021!!!! Now it’s time to change some things.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks looking through everything imaginable to ensure that 2021 is a better year. I’ve made a goals list, looked at the habit tracker, spent time meditating, ate my black eyed pea (yuck), and even did some research on the 75 Hard Challenge. I’ve checked all the boxes so 2021 is for sure going to be better now, right?

Wrong…….It doesn’t matter if I do a ‘Miracle Morning’ routine, turn all electronics off  2 hours before bed, complete the 75 Hard Challenge, or make my bed every morning. There is no magic system to ensure that 2021 will be better. My luck didn’t change just because the calendar turned one more day…… I am the only person that can change my life. It’s all about mentality.

If you are ready to change your mentality and take control of your life then make it happen! If you’re tired of hurting then maybe its time to try a new approach. Typical physical therapy clinics will bill your insurance which means the insurance company is really the one who determines the care you receive and how much time can be spent on massage or ‘manual therapy’. “It’s been 15 minutes so I have to stop this so I can start billing another code. I wont get paid to continue to work this trigger point out even though I know this is what my patient needs.” Forget all that! Why have we conditioned ourselves to believe that this is just the way physical therapy services have to go. I’m tired of playing that game and I’m ready to spend as much time on massage or any other treatment technique that my patient needs to get them better and get them out the door! I don’t want you to have to see me 3 times a week for 4 weeks just so I can get paid more. I want you to come into Elevate Therapy, get the treatment needed, and get out. Come when your symptoms return or if you feel like you need a refresher treatment. I don’t want to spend my precious time fighting denials from insurance companies so I can pay the light bill. I want to spend it with my patients.

If your ready for a change in 2021 like I am then let’s change our mentality. Let’s flip the script. Let’s stop playing by the rules and simply make choices that make you the best version of you that is out there. If your tired of hurting or don’t feel like you get the one on one attention from your therapist then book an appointment and try something new!

Happy New Years! Let’s make that best of this one!

Time for something new. Get the treatment you need. Let's make 2021 awesome!

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